Tuesday, June 17, 2014



Today June 16, 2014:  I've been planning this trip for several weeks since I got my state Medicaid, I called and set up an appointment with Dr. Katy Kropf at Ohio University in Athens for the first physical checkup I think since grade school. She was recommended by the Trans Ohio website. It was a long 2 weeks wait.

Woman on a mission.

    Well I woke up early, couldn't really sleep I was so excited,  took a shower and shaved as closely as I could. My mother doesn't know about my transition yet so I had to put my makeup and clothes on in the garage before leaving. It took me about 30 minutes to get myself where I felt half way satisfied.  

Ohio SR 32
   So I donned my shades and hit the road.

The trip takes me roughly 65 minutes depending on traffic and deer movement. It was a peaceful trip, I listened to some music my cousin Betty introduced me to,  Jehne Aiko and 'In this Moment' over my stereo, while contemplating the universe and watching for idiot drivers. hehe

Selfie outside Parks Hall.
Ohio University Athens

I arrived almost 40 minutes early. so I sat out in the van and touched up my makeup, I STILL SUCK at eyes..

OOOH a big mirror.
I walked in and took the stairs up to the second floor where I met with the receptionist, who was very nice, and checked in. She gave me a stack of papers to read and fill out my medical and personal history, This took me about 18 minutes to complete. That put me waiting about 4 minutes to be taken back to get my weight, height and temperature and pulse oxygen.  The medical assistant then took me back to an exam room and got my Blood pressure and yet again my medical history. These people are great.  I've never been to a place so accepting, my team works with many Transgender patients.

Close up.
I waited about 10 minutes till Dr Kropf came back to meet me, she is a professor and asked if I minded if 2 students sat in on the exam. I said sure no problem. This was about a 20 minute long conversation, again going over my medical history and she wanted me to tell her about my personal history to help understand who I am. This went great she was super nice and did not do anything to make me uncomfortable. The two students were nice as well, one even complemented me on my makeup. Oh and both were named Brittany, hehe one of my favorite nieces is named Brittany. After  our initial consultation concluded she explained how she goes about HRT and transgender care. She works on an informed consent plan, where after the initial consult and examining my blood work I sign a few papers indicating that I know the risks both physically and emotionally about starting on HRT. I go back again in 2 weeks for  the rest of my exam and to let me know how my blood work went. I suspect I will be put on some form of Diabetic medicine as well as the stuff used to counter the side effects of the diabetic pills. Also I suspect that I have a thyroid issue my dad did, but she said my thyroid glands felt normal.

I left the exam room and back to the receptionist for my lab orders and to get my next appointment set up, July 3 - 9:15 am.. Then down to the basement to get my blood drawn.. it took 4 tubes. Again this lady was awesome and so friendly she even showed me how the centrifuge worked.
Tuna sub. Lunch

I left the campus and back on SR 32 on the way I stopped at a Subway for a food, I hadn't eaten in about 14 hours, because I knew I would have blood taken.  I got me a Tuna sub on wheat, with lettuce and light mayonnaise. YUM.  Not being my normal self I ate slowly while reading the papers my doctor gave me to look over. Again nobody said anything or looked at me oddly while eating there. I finished half my sandwich, I was going to get a 6 inch sub but they told me that the foot long was only a dollar more.

Back on the road. I took a slightly different route back because I wanted to see a few sights.

Lake Snowden park.

The first is Lake Snowden, just outside of Athens.. it was storming so I didn't pull in so my picture was bad.

Big Catfish

This is a campground between Welston and Jackson. I thought this big Catfish was cool.

Here are 2 small ponds I've dreamed of fishing for years.
Farm pond off of SR776
Real nice farm pond off SR335

Well back home have to put back on my jeans and Tshirt, loose the heels and wipe the makeup off putting back on my mask.. Back to pretending again. 

Oh I almost forgot, here is the necklace and earrings I picked up last night at Walmart to wear today. 


  1. Congratulations! Ain't it sweet?!!

  2. Laycie,
    It makes me very happy to read of your progress, both on this day and even more so in your more recent Facebook posts. I have another first for you, I think, later this summer. When you come back to AB and we go on the pier and fish together...:)